The New Antiquarian - Library purchase

The New Antiquarian - Library purchase
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"The New Antiquarian" chronicles the re-discovery of the old stone ruins. It tells the story of a working partnership that is forming between professional scientists, Native representatives and avocational researchers around the identification and preservation of the stone monuments and earthworks in Eastern North America. Long thought of as the mysterious remains of ancient cultures who once visited the New World before Columbus - but most often dismissed as the unimportant artifacts of early colonial settlement, the Native ceremonial landscapes represent an astounding cultural legacy that can still be found in the Eastern environment. The merger of scientific, Native and antiquarian research brings a new perspective to one of America's most perplexing archeological mysteries. The Hidden Landscapes Project represents the joined efforts of hundreds of professional, Native and avocational researchers who have generously contributed their expertise into a chronicle of exploration - a series of video stories that investigate the archeological history and modern legacy of Eastern Native civilization. We offer a public library or college library/department license. With this license your organization may: Offer the DVD to be checked out for home use by anyone who has access to your library’s catalog Enable instructors at your college (if applicable) to use the DVD in a classroom setting
  • Pre-Sale: This item will be available for delivery in late spring 2010.
  • DVD Information: DVD, NTSC, Region 1-8 includes feature and trailers
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