The Great Falls

The Great Falls
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For the first time, the National Register of Historic Places is using a video production as oral history when considering a site to be recognized. The town of Turners Falls, Massachusetts is attempting to expand the runway to its airport. The plan calls for the removal of a low hill that contains what Native American tribal representatives identify as a ritual site - a ceremonial stone landscape. The surprising discovery and the on-going effort to understand and protect what may be an extraordinary historical asset, is a dramatic story of environmental and cultural preservation. The Hidden Landscapes Project represents the joined efforts of hundreds of professional, Native and antiquarian researchers who have generously volunteered to combine their expertise into a chronicle of exploration - a series of video stories that investigate the archeological history and the modern legacy of Eastern Native civilization. The combined vision of so many researchers working together also represents a new approach to the long standing and often, very heated controversy that surrounds the mysterious stone ruins of Eastern North America.
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