The Devil's Footstep

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The academic model of primitive, Native life that began to form during colonial times and has been handed down through textbooks and popular literature ever since, is being challenged by some recent and astounding archeological discoveries in Eastern North America. This segment of the Hidden Landscape series chronicles the discovery that early, indigenous peoples had a profound understanding of their natural environment going back to the Ice Age over 10,000 years ago. When these surprising revelations about Native architecture and environmental awareness are paired with the new understanding that the Paleolithic peoples of Eastern North America were sophisticated, maritime-adapted societies that could navigate the northern ocean at will, we see that a new vision of early, Native life can change our sense of world history. The traces of these forgotten cultures with their ceremonial relationship to the natural environment can still be found in the hidden landscapes that are becoming an important legacy in the evolving process of environmental and cultural preservation in North America.
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