Charles Ives: A Good Dissonance Like a Man

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The American composer Charles Ives was born in 1874 in Danbury, Connecticut. His father, George Ives, the town bandleader and sometime bank clerk, was an exceptional musical innovator. He instilled in his son an unceasing love for experimentation and an uncompromising need to extend the boundaries of musical thought and to rebel against musical regimentation. Using authentic locations in Connecticut and New Jersey, the Peabody Award-winning film, which is based on Ives’ notes and reminiscences, traces major influences in the composer’s life - the inspiration of the New England countryside, his heritage, his college days at Yale, and the insurance business that made him well-to-do and thus free to compose in his own way. Many of the composer’s works are incorporated into the soundtrack, and the viewer is given a memorable portrait of the man and his music.
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